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Asset Tracking

Manual asset tracking could be the weakest link in your supply chain. As materials move from facility to facility, key components and tools are more likely to be misplaced, creating a manufacturing choke point. The components may be in the right location, but hidden within a shipping container or roll cage. The longer it takes to find a missing part or tool, the higher the cost, and the higher the likelihood of an outage.

Leveraging RFID technology to tag, track and locate specific items eliminates the manual errors associated with barcode readers and paper-based processes. OAT Asset Tracking solutions allow you to easily associate detailed attributes to each asset (such as part number, expiration date, order date, order number, value) to enable the tracking of perishable items, component parts, and tools, as well as reusable assets (totes, roll cages) and their specific contents. Automatic notifications alert you to potential exceptions, for instance, when items do not meet checkpoint criteria, are due to expire, or are associated with a critical work order. You can easily configure alerts to mirror specific process flows, enabling you to instantly track and locate assets across your network. With this powerful capability, you’ll be able to identify, correct, and eliminate process weaknesses.

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